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  • Jessica Beauchemin

Jessica is an experienced rider specializing in the rehabilitation and foundation training of horses recovering from injuries or young/off-track horses requiring gentle and thorough schooling to gain supple, powerful, and balanced movements. She is trained in the Connected Riding and Tellington TTouch methods and rides at the silver jumper level and level 3 dressage.

Jessica has studied Equine Studies at the University of Guelph. She is knowledgeable in most equine health aspects; ranging from nutrition, health and disease prevention, breeding, foal growth and development, functional anatomy, biosecurity, and management of the equine environment.

Besides participating in equine-related activities, she is currently studying software engineering at the University of Concordia. Jessica is also an aviation enthusiast and holder of an Aeroplane Private Pilot License, and has been an aspiring musician since the age of 5; she plays the violin and the double bass.

  • Romane Allaire :

Romane est une cavalière ayant participé à des compétitions internationales en Europe sous la tutelle de l’entraineur de l’équipe Suisse poney jusqu’au plus haut niveau. Elle obtiens plusieurs bons résultat dans le cadre Français également, à La Baule, Fontainebleau, au Normandie horse show et termine vice-championne de France la même année sur près de 200 cavaliers. Ayant acquis son galop 7, elle coach en concours depuis l’âge de 15 ans puis commence l’entrainement de chevaux en France la même année. Ce spécialisant en saut d’obstacle, elle entraine les jeunes chevaux et les initient aux concours. 

Romane is a certified galop 7 rider specializing in the jumper ring. She has participated in multiple international horse shows in Europe as a member of Switzerland’s pony team. She has also competed in high-level horse shows in France. Romane obtained great results at La Baule, Fontainebleau, and Normandie and finished vice-champion of France that same year, where she competed against 200 riders. Her success as a competitor has allowed her to coach at horse shows since she was 15.