Vintage Oasis Farm Inc. 

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  • Jessica Beauchemin - Entraineuse en Chef / Head Trainer

Jessica est une cavalière expérimentée qui se spécialise dans l'entraînement de jeunes chevaux et dans la réadaptation de chevaux en convalescence ou de chevaux réformés des courses. Formée aux méthodes Connected Riding et Tellington TTouch, elle utilise une méthode douce axée sur la biomécanique équine afin d’obtenir des mouvements souples, puissants et équilibrés. Elle monte au niveau argent en sauteur et dressage niveau 3.

De plus, ayant suivi une formation en études équines à l'Université de Guelph, Jessica est instruite dans plusieurs aspects de la santé équine. Soit en nutrition, prévention des maladies, élevage, croissance et développement du poulain, biomécanique, biosécurité et gestion de l'environnement équin.

Jessica étudie présentement en génie logiciel à l'Université Concordia. Elle est également une passionnée de l'aviation et titulaire d'une licence de pilote privé d’avion. Aussi, elle est une musicienne depuis l'âge de 5 ans ; elle joue du violon et de la contrebasse.

Jessica is an experienced rider specializing in the rehabilitation and foundation training of horses recovering from injuries or young/off-track horses requiring gentle and thorough schooling to gain supple, powerful, and balanced movements. She is trained in the Connected Riding and Tellington TTouch methods, and rides at the silver jumper level and level 3 dressage.

Jessica has studied Equine Studies at the University of Guelph. She is knowledgeable in most equine health aspects; ranging from nutrition, health and disease prevention, breeding, foal growth and development, functional anatomy, biosecurity, and management of the equine environment.

Besides participating in equine-related activities, she is currently studying software engineering at Concordia University. Jessica is also an aviation enthusiast and holder of an Aeroplane Private Pilot License, and has been an aspiring musician since the age of 5; she plays the violin and the double bass.

  • Chloé Johnson - Head Coach & Trainer

Chloe has been horseback riding for the majority of her life. From humble beginnings in Saint-Lazare, Chloe grew as a rider and horsewoman under the watchful eyes of Christian and Laurence Kieffer out of Kieffer Stables. Chloe competed locally on regional circuits in both the equitations and the jumpers. Since then, she has gone on to win numerous classes with her OTTB mare, Pink Lily, whom she trained herself. She has attended clinics with countless big name riders including Francois Lamontagne and Hyde Moffat.

As a young professional, Chloe has created a name for herself as a coach through her gentle and nurturing coaching style. She aims to teach the love of horses to all that she meets, sharing her passion with others both in and out of the saddle. As a trainer, Chloe takes the same approach with her horses, training young horses and restarting thoroughbreds into their new careers.

For the upcoming season, Chloe looks forward to her bringing her newest partner, Kamaria, into the jumper ring as well as showing off Vintage Oasis’ beautiful horses in the hunters and jumpers.

  • Maya Gulin - Coach & Trainer

Maya has a diverse background working horses starting from a young age while living in Khartoum, Sudan with rescue cart horses and horses saved from the track. Upon returning to Canada, she spent her junior years competing successfully in hunters and jumpers.

Taking a break for university, she graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design from the Film Video and Integrated media program. She returned to horses and spent three seasons as head wrangler and barn manager at Big Bar Guest Ranch in the Cariboo region of British Columbia – retraining and fitnessing horses from often difficult pasts. She used her inquisitive nature to instill confidence in horses and riders, finding a passion for creating strong relationships between them. She focuses on creating trust between horse and rider, and strengthening intuitional ways of communicating while building confident riding skills.

She has experience coaching beginner to intermediate students in both English (flatwork and jumping) and Western, using fun exercises to reinforce solid connection and natural, forward-thinking form – with an emphasis on correct posture and movement through the body.

She lives in Montreal where she is a painter, a writer, and experiments with filmmaking. Her paintings have been shown in galleries across Canada and her films in collaboration with her filmmaking partner have been screened in various film festivals. She enjoys traveling, going on adventures, concerts, and life in general!